Partnership with School 71 in Gomel

Six senior students accompanied by teachers Alan Tullock and Corinne Digges will visit our twin school in Belarus during the Easter holidays. This is the first opportunity for pupils from Kincorth to visit Gomel, following the visit to us by a party of students and staff from School 71 in October. Need-less to say the students … Kirsten Bell, Kevin Sang, Nicola McLean, Ryan Walsh,Gillian Murphy and Sean Kennedy … are very much looking forward to the experience and there has already been a significant amount of one-to-one contact with their host partners. The party leaves on Sunday 2nd May, returning the following Sunday. Preparations have been underway for sometime, and all the travel and contact arrangements are well planned.

During the visit they will spend some time in the school, and a programme of educational and recreational activities is planned, including a reception by the Mayor. I am sure they will have a very enjoyable…and tiring… experience, and we look forward to their feedback in the new term.

Gomel University Choir will visit the school on Tuesday 25 April when they are in Aberdeen during Chernobyl Commemorative week.

Source: Kincorth Academy Eagle News, March 2006


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